Dear Dr Shah Khan,

Recently my daughter was referred to yourself in order to assess a tumour in her left arm. We had been awaiting an accurate diagnosis for weeks and on regular intervals saw many different radiologists who simply scanned her arm and reported her results back to her consultant. 

Prior to our appointment we presumed this again would be the case. Myself and my husband were becoming stressed, frustrated and increasingly worried for our beautiful girl. Upon arriving to our appointment we found you to be extremely attentive, welcoming and caring whilst making us feel instantly settled and secure with how professional and knowledgeable you were in this situation. You asked the history of my daughters case in order to enable yourself to create an accurate perception and your own ideas towards her diagnosis. You allowed me to detail almost every treatment and appointment we had had, right from the beginning, instantly reassuring us with how comprehensive our consultation was, in what was realistically a brief amount of time. It felt as though we were finally getting somewhere. You listened to every query or concern we raised and answered each with a knowledgeable and satisfying response. 

Following our appointment your report enabled my daughter to have a CT scan which resulted in us then being referred on to Birmingham royal orthopaedic hospital to see a specialist. This process, from our initial ultrasound with yourself, the CT scan and then undergoing a biopsy operation in Birmingham took only a couple of weeks. After waiting so long and feeling as though we were going round in circles you had managed to enable us to achieve so much in only a matter of weeks! I truly believe that if we had not, on the off chance, had seen you that day we would still be in the cycle of repeated ultrasounds every few weeks, stuck with worry and frustration. 

Without your input we would not have received the care we have done and finally got a diagnosis and a treatment plan. I cannot emphasise how truly grateful, not only myself, but my family also are to you. You listened carefully to all the symptoms, signs and concerns we expressed and without your report that day I categorically believe my daughter would not be receiving the treatment she now requires. Fortunately for us it was good news albeit a very rare outcome, my daughter is now getting the treatment she requires thanks to you. 

Not only was your diagnosis accurate, you also relieved us of the weeks, if not months of torture we endured, being stuck in limbo. I cannot thank you enough. 

FD, June 2016

I would just like to say what an extremely nice gentleman Mr Khan is on my visit to Blackburn hospital he was very attentive and made the whole experience very pleasant indeed his nursing staff where also really nice and made me feel very welcome . 

He explained the procedure in great detail and what to expect at the same time putting me at ease about everything he had a very friendly and pleasant manner which made the visit very reassuring I would highly recommend him .

Thank you Mr Khan . Many thanks .

DR, Jan 2017

Good morning Professor Khan,

I would like to again thank you for last Friday's ultrasound.

Everything at The Beardwood Hospital was flawless and your kind and attentive/listening approach complement your knowledge, skills and experience in such a way to offer patients an exceptional experience.  

GT, Apr 2017

I just want to pass on the excellent result he obtained from his hydrodilation and he would like to say thank you for this procedure

SH, Surgeon, Jan 2018

Mr H would like to pass on his regards and many thanks for performing his ultrasound guided aspiration in your free time/lunch time today. He expresses extreme gratitude, as do I. Many thanks again.

SH, Surgeon, Feb 2018

I recently had a guided injection for contrast to be inserted in my shoulder for an mri arthrogram . I am usually of a nervous disposition whenever hospitals and or needles are concerned but on this occasion Dr khan was more than capable of keeping me talking while carrying out the guided injection of contrast and I have to add that the pain was practically non existent ! Great job Dr khan and many thanks...

MM, Dec 2018

On the 12th of February I had guided injection treatment at the Royal Blackburn hospital x -ray department, for inflammatory arthritis in my right hand. The treatment I received from Dr. Khan and the nurse was absolutely first class. They made me feel comfortable and relaxed, I can honestly say they went above and beyond. Medical professionals like these are a credit to the hospital trust and the NHS. I cannot stress how much I appreciate this treatment. It is not a cure I know, but the pain relief I get for several months makes such a difference to my health, wellbeing and quality of life. It would be a travesty if this treatment was no longer available, as it helps so many people like myself, it being the only effective treatment for this condition, and I believe it to be worth the cost to the NHS. As a 67 year old lady, there is no way I could afford to go private, so please keep it available for myself and others.

MF, Feb 2019

Visited  Dr Khan last week for steroid injection to hip, after suffering quite debilitating pain for the last 10-12 months.  The effects of the treatment were not immediately obvious ,that's why I have waited a little while before posting this. Now 8 days later I can confirm that the pain has reduced considerably. Each day sees more improvement,  and I am hoping it will disappear completely. (not sure if this is realistic though). Either way I have probably regained 90% use of my leg with a huge reduction in associated pain.
Long may this continue.

Dr Khan and his staff could not have been more helpful or supportive. Time was taken to talk through my issues and explanations given as to what would be happening and the possible outcomes. Was put at complete ease before proceeding. The actual treatment process was quite quick,  and I would liken the injection as being similar in nature to receiving a tetanus injection.

EH, Mar 2019

Second Opinions-

I’d like to say thank you for reviewing my imaging. I didn’t expect such an extensive report and I know you have spent a lot of time on my case which I’m very grateful for.

BN, Apr 2019

She underwent ultrasound guided injection for Morton's neuroma in the 2nd web space in the right foot.

On review in clinic , she tells me that she had excellent relief of symptoms and no pain on weight bearing now.

She was keen to commence the long walks that she used to do in the past.  I have stressed that she should commence gradually and avoid walking on uneven grounds for a further 3 months.

If her symptoms recur in the future, we could consider further injection.

SA, Surgeon, Apr 2019

Arranging MR scan-

Many thanks for the comprehensive feedback.

The whole process has been really quick and easy, so many thanks for providing this excellent service.

CP, May 2019

My sincere thanks to Mr Shah Khan Consultant Radiologist. 

I had suffered severe pain in my wrist for a year with de  Quervain's  tenosynovitis and two gp's had tried to inject it but had caused more pain and much bruising.  

I was finally referred to Mr Khan, what a difference, what a brilliant man.  The bruising was about the size of a pin head and the pain has gone. Amazing!  

Now I know how to contact Mr Khan direct I would have no hesitation what -so- ever in requesting  advice and treatment  from him again.  Lovely man, fabulous treatment, a true professional.

NR, July 2019

I just want to convey the patient's appreciation of your ultrasound guided injection. 

The patient has been relieved completely of her symptoms and she is extremely pleased and she had conveyed her gratitude towards you.

S, Surgeon, Aug 2019

Second Opinion:

I'm flabbergasted ! Thanks ever so much for your detailed and comprehensive report ( no comparison with the original ). The turn around is amazing, never mind the cost as its been the best £$€  I've ever spent !

T, Sep 2019

Many thanks Dr Shah Khan, 
I recently had a US guided injection to right forearm. This was to help treat and diagnose distal bicep tendonitis. Mr Khan and the nurse was very informative during the ultrasound and very thorough. I felt so at ease and for the first time felt like I know what is going on. Showing me in the images the early stages of ligament damage. He explained the process in detail and continued to reassure me through the end of the treatment. Mr Khan is clearly very passionate about is role and to his patent’s.  I would have no hesitation in recommending him.
Thank you again.

B, Jan 2020

"Thank you Professor Khan

My physiotherapist referred me to Professor Khan for an ankle MRI scan following continued issues & ambiguity. A scan was arranged rapidly at the Penrith mobile unit. Following this we received Professor Khan’s radiologist report within a couple of days. The report was brilliantly detailed and compared the ankle condition from a scan from the year before. The results have allowed me to make an informed  judgement on the next treatment step. Going through Scan Doctor has saved me months of NHS waiting, provided a clear diagnosis and accelerated my recovery. Amazing value. Thanks again

Tom Owens
GB mountain/ trail runner.
 Salomon sponsored athlete.

Tom Owens GB mountain/trail runner, Oct 2020