Prof Shah H.M. Khan MB BS, FRCR, ESSR MSK Dip

Consultant Radiologist, East Lancashire Hospital NHS Trust, Blackburn(2003-)

Honorary Visiting Professor, Sahara Medical College and SSMC, Narowal(2017-)

Editorial board, British Journal of Hospital Medicine (2005-)

Sub editor for UK, ‘Radiological Documents’ (Pan-European journal)(2005-)

SSM ELHT Lead, Lancaster Medical School (2017-)

PPC Member, BMA (2019-)

SSC Lead, University of Central Lancashire Medical School (2017-19)

Past Treasurer, British Society of Skeletal Radiologists (2016-18)

Mailing address

Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital

Radiology Department

Haslingden road



United Kingdom



FRCR, 2001

MB BS, 1994

ESSR Musculoskeletal Diploma, 2009

Expert Witness Certificate (Cardiff University with Bond Solon), 2008

Report Writing Course (Bond Solon), 2018

Honours and Awards

Bronze Award,  National Clinical Excellence Award, 2016 and 2020.

ESSR/ISS Award (European Society of Skeletal Radiology/International Skeletal Society) for Best Scientific Presentation, Oxford, 2005

Musculoskeletal Fellowship, Leiden University Medical Centre, Leiden, Holland

Current Position

Nov 2003- present Consultant Radiologist, East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust 

based at Blackburn. Specialising in Musculoskeletal and Neuroradiology.



1.Appendicular infections

SHM Khan, J Bloem. Chapter in Musculoskeletal Imaging, Edited by T.Pope, W. Morrison, JL Bloem, D. Wilson, J. Beltran. Published by 

 Saunders, 2nd Edition Dec, 2014.

2. Osseous Spinal tumors

SHM Khan, A De Schepper. Chapter in Spinal Imaging. Edited by J.van        Goethem, Hauwe L, Parizel P. Published by Springer. Edition 2007.

3. Soft tissue metastases

A De Schepper, SHM Khan Chapter. in Soft Tissue tumor Imaging. Edited by A.

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4. Osteomyelitis

SHM Khan, JL Bloem. Chapter in Radiologic- pathologic correlation from

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5. Infection in the Appendicular skeleton

 SHM Khan, JL Bloem. Chapter in Imaging of the Musculoskeletal System

 Edited by T.Pope, W. Morrison, JL Bloem, D. Wilson, J. Beltran. Published by 

 Elsevier Edition 2008).

Policy Documents

1.Standards for providing 7 day acute care diagnostic service (Dec, 2015)

Policy document laying down the standards expected to be expected by patients   by    hospitals and organisations providing acute diagnostic imaging services. This paper   was edited by Dr S Khan as Chair, of the committee that formulated this document to be used in the four home countries of UK and also followed by the radiology services in the world.

2.Standards on the reporting and interpretation by non-radiologist medical practitioner 

Contribution by Dr S Khan, to this policy document of Royal College of Radiologists, incorporating the patient safety elements that was highlighted by his audit on inadequate recording of imaging information in patient records.

3.Sustainable future for diagnostic radiology

Contributed to the work, produced to identify the scope of service delivery that is required, both now and in the future, and to provide suggestions on how the gap between supply and demand might be bridged using the current workforce in a more flexible way and in ways which promote radiologist health.


1. What is the relation between number of sessions worked and productivity of radiologists - a pilot study?

Khan SH, Hedges WP

Journal of Digital Imaging. 2016 Apr;29(2):165-74.

2. Adult Hypophosphataemic Osteomalacia

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3.Brodie's abscess with tuberculous osteomyelitis of the foot.

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4.Workload of consultant radiologists in a large DGH and how it compares to international benchmarks

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5.How to read cervical xrays

  Porter NM Imalingat HM   Khan SH 

Foundation Years Journal: 2013;vol 7; iss 9; radiology- part 1; pg 10 (online pub)

6.Finger Sarcoidosis

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7.Radiology of acute thoracic and lumbar injuries

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8.Radiology of Acute abdomen

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9. IRMER regulations: Compliance rate of radiograph reporting by non-radiology clinicians

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12. Radiology of acute injuries to the hand and fingers.

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13. Radiology of acute shoulder injuries

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15. Radiology of acute wrist injuries

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16.Radiology of acute foot injuries

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17. Radiology of acute knee injuries

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18. Radiology Reporting: A General Practitioner’s Perspective

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20. Radiology of acute elbow injuries.

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21. Radiology of acute pelvic injuries

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22.Haematemesis due to pseudoaneurysm complicating acute pancreatitis

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23. Nora lesions, a distinct radiological entity?

E. Dhondt, L Oudenhoven, Khan SH, JL Bloem, A De Schepper

Skeletal Radiology 2006; 35(7), 497-502

24. Accuracy of radiography in grading and tissue specific diagnosis- A study of 

200 bone tumours of the hand                                       

LFIJ Oudenhoven, E Dhondt, Khan SH, JL Bloem, A De Schepper

Skeletal Radiology 2006; 35(2): 78-87

25.Unusual presentation of tumoral calcinosis in chronic renal failure

A v Straten, E Hoogeveen, Khan SH, A De Schepper

European Journal of Radiology extra 2005; 53: 81-85

Oral Communications and Lectures ( recent )

1. How to cope with 7 day radiology

Radiology optimization and sustainability meeting, RCR London, Oct 2016

2.Shoulder Ultrasound Tutor

European Society of Skeletal Radiology,  York, Jun 2015

3..Trochanteric region- applied anatomy

Invited lecturer, British Society of Skeletal Radiologist, Birmingham, Mar 2014.

4.Imaging of forefoot metatarsalgia

Invited lecture, North West Foot and ankle Course, Burnley, Oct 2011

5. Imaging of foot and ankle

Invited lecture, Musculoskeletal ultrasound course, University of Cumbria; Lancaster, Sept 2011

6. Effective collaboration of A&E and Radiology.

  Invited lecture, Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology Conference, London. Feb   2010.

7. MRI of ankle: soft tissue

   Invited lecture at UK Radiology conference, Manchester, June 2009

8. Documentation of radiographs reported by non-radiologist

   Oral presentation at UK Radiology Conference, June 2009

9. Innovative use of ultrasound arthrography in the assessment of plantar plate injuries

   Oral presentation at ESSR meeting, Galway, June 2008




Co-applicant on National research on hydrodilation (2019-)- multi centre research being undertaken on this new method of treating frozen shoulder.

Ultrasound Arthrography toes:

Developed innovative diagnostic service(2012-on), with Orthopaedics for management of forefoot pain and toe instability. Streamlined 2 step diagnostic process involving fluoroscopy and MRI,to a single step using ultrasound, which is safer(avoiding radiation), more accessible,cheaper, logistically easier, better outcome and improved patient experience. The outcomes have been shared at international and regional meetings and being adopted by other hospitals. Marker of success is increasing regional referrals and prestigious award at British Orthopaedic Foot Ankle Society (BOFAS), 2014.

Ankle syndesmotic injury:

Prospective research with orthopaedics in the imaging features for evaluation of high ankle sprain (ankle syndesmotic injuries) and comparison with MR arthrogram.

Ultrasound evaluation of SLE:

This is a multi-centre national prospective research, evaluating the use of ultrasound in the assessment of inflammatory findings in SLE patients.


Regularly deliver lectures at National/International meetings on MSK topics, including British and European Skeletal societies (BSSR ’14), and supported MSK ultrasound courses(ESSR'15). Contribute to updates for MSK/ general radiologists

SSC Lead( years 3 & 4), University of Central Lancashire Medical school and also Lancaster Medical school (17-19)

Lead MSK training, East Lancashire; leadership in recognition as level 2 training centre, the only non-teaching hospital regionally. Teaching/ training highly rated and receive excellent feedback.

Faculty, MSK Ultrasound MSc course University Cumbria('08-). Internationally reputed and highly rated training.Trained over 100 allied health/ medical professionals, over the years; some involved in recent Olympics/Commonwealth Games.

Faculty, Sports Medicine MSc course, University of Central Lancashire (2019-)

Reviewer, Clinical Radiology journal (2011-) 

Prizes and Awards

European Society Skeletal Society/International Skeletal Society (ESSR/ISS) prize, 2005.

This prestigious prize was awarded for research on hand bone tumours by the largest skeletal societies in the world, in recognition of the quality and effectiveness of the research, which helped clarify the distinction of benign from malignant bone tumours. I am the only British radiologist receipient of this award to date!

Bronze award, National Clinical Excellence Committee, Jan 2016 and Jan 2020

This is national award recognising the contribution of Consultants striving for excellence across the domains of clinical work, research, management and teaching, across national and international arena. This is an intensely competitive award that is stringently vetted by committees across disciplines.

I was one of only 5 radiologists receipients nationally .


Royal College of Radiologists

European Society of Skeletal Radiology

British Society of Skeletal Radiologists

European Society of Radiology

Radiological Society of North America

British Medical Association

Hospital Consultants and Specialist Association