Dr Shah Khan has a strong interest in research and publications. His research on hand bone tumours radiology findings was awarded the prestigious European Society of Skeletal Radiologist/ International Skeletal Society (ESSR/ISS) prize in 2005 at Oxford. To date he is the only British radiologist awarded this prize.

He has been involved in the innovative and cutting edge research on plantar plate tear, which is considered by many authorities as a common cause of debilitating forefoot pain and is common in women. Diagnosis of this entity is difficult and the conditions is not well recognized by many practitioners.

Dr Shah Khan has devised the innovative ultrasound arthrography, which increases the accuracy in diagnosis of this condition. He works closely with the Foot and Ankle surgeons in East Lancashire Hospitals. This research has been presented at various international meetings and was recently awarded BOFAS award (British Orthopaedics Foot & Ankle Society), 2014, Brighton.

He is also involved in research on the high ankle sprain diagnosis with his Foot and Ankle Surgical colleagues. He uses the innovative ankle arthrogram to diagnose the high ankle sprain and sees many patients with missed diagnosis from around the region.

Dr Khan is currently involved in the national research looking into the ultrasound findings  inflammatory arthritis in SLE. This is a debilitating condition involving many parts of the body but also the small joints of the hands. The study is to evaluate the extent and nature of inflammatory changes discernable on ultrasound in the small joints of the hands.

Shah Khan is also collaborating with Prof Bogdan at Department of Artificial Intelligence and Deep learning at University of Central Lancashire on application of AI to imaging.

Dr Shah Khan has  over 35 peer-reviewed journal publications and chapters in 5 musculoskeletal books.

As member of Royal College of Radiologists, Professional Support and Standards Board, Dr Khan has chaired the ‘7 day Acute Radiology Services’ document.

He is also, board member of  the prestigious and venerable ‘British Journal of Hospital Medicine’ and Pan-European journal, ‘Radiological Documents’. Both of these reputable and prestigious journals publish peer-review articles that are index linked and have a worldwide audience.

 He has published over 35 articles in peer-reviewed journals and chapters in 5 internationally popular radiology text books, used as reference by radiologists across the world.

He is reviewer for Clinical Radiology, the official journal of the Royal College of Radiologists.