Dr Shah Khan feels privileged as a Musculoskeletal Radiologist to have a profession that combines his interests in medicine and the art of whodunit with his desire to help others. He is dedicated to seeking the cause of the symptoms and determining the diagnosis for each patient. 

All his medical colleagues, be they Orthopaedics Surgeons or Rheumatologists or Allied health colleagues, such as Physiotherapists or Chiropractors, can make provisional diagnosis but the real diagnosis requires looking inside the affected part. This is done by undertaking scans, such as Ultrasound, CT or MRI scans. The scans need meticulous scrutiny and thorough understanding of all the possible conditions that may be source of the symptoms.

Dr Khan strongly believes that fastidious attention to detail makes the difference between mediocrity and exceptional. This helps drill down the cause of the patient’s symptoms.

As human, we are prone to errors but being focused and having empathy that considers each scan as individuals and not as one of the many on the reporting pile, ensures the correct diagnosis is made. He is dedicated to focused detective work to find the cause of the patient’s ailment. For this reason, he is frequently referred complex patients that have been to many clinicians in futile search for their symptoms. In order to understand the true cause of the patient’s symptoms, he regularly advises ultrasound scan, which gives him the opportunity to understand the patient’s perspective and decide on the appropriate scan and formulate the diagnosis, using his skills and experience. In pursuance of his commitment to patient interaction, he has started innovative service, where he can provide patient’s the benefit of his experience and training, in deciding the appropriate scan for their symptoms, the result of their scans and guidance on the management of their conditions, as he understands. Obviously, this entails patiently paying attention to patient’s history and listening to their concerns and taking as much time as needed to help determine the diagnosis. Almost any scan be read or performed quickly; however, performing a task to the best of one's ability generally takes some time. Dr. Khan strongly believes it's worth this extra effort to obtain accurate diagnosis.

The radiologist plays a cardinal role in determining the diagnosis of any patient’s disorder or disease. Missing or making the wrong diagnosis can be the difference between the correct management and relief of symptoms or failure and festering symptoms or worse, disastrous results.

Dr Khan is in a class of his own, when performing guided procedures such as injections or barbottage for pain relief. He enjoys teaching and believes it's important for patients to be well informed about what to expect before, during, and after the procedures. He enjoys engaging with patients and answering all their questions.

He brings his extensive experience and skills honed by continuous updating and attention to detail, which is combined with gentle and empathetic approach. 

This makes the process of guided injections almost painless. He is particularly skilled in dealing with challenging patients such as needle-phobics, Parkinson’s disease (where the patient cannot stay still) and learning difficulties, by using distractive and engaging techniques, that has not yet failed in achieving a happy patient.

New advanced techniques used by Dr. Khan, enables precise delivery of treatment but also faster patient recovery with less bruising and swelling. Therefore, his patients experience less discomfort and are able to return to work more quickly.

For the convenience of his patients, he maintains privileges at several hospitals.