Doctors and Healthcare professionals

We accept referrals from GPs and Healthcare professionals and have made it easy to do.

Referrals can be done safely and securely by using the email at the top corner of the webpage. Unfortunately, the online booking form is currently being updated and not usable due to glitches. 

We would acknowledge receipt of the referral, to the referrer and your patient. Appointments are flexible, suited to the needs of your patients and in consultation with your patients.

 If you have any queries or are uncertain about the appropriate scan or any other, queries, please contact us by email. We would be more than happy to discuss and help with your queries.

 Prof Khan has been advising and supporting GPs and Healthcare professionals throughout his career with decisions regarding what scans are needed for any particular condition and can also help out with subsequent management steps. He believes in multidisciplinary approach to optimise your patient management and is available to discuss your patient, at your convenience, for no extra cost.

 We have used industry standard secure online form. All interactions with our website is encrypted, to ensure that you can confidently use our services. Please note that NHS or secure email would be prudent to use for correspondence.